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Full Cleaning Service

Full stone, brick, paving and tile cleaning services using high-performing GuardWash products.

Many property owners will prefer to DIY and apply these incredible products themselves, instantly seeing results and benefits from using any one of the GuardWash products.

However, there may be many reasons you prefer the professionals at GuardWash to ‘Supply and Apply’ these great products and do it all for you.

Why Have a Full Service?

  • Roof applications can require specialist safety requirements for working at height
  • The property area is just too large and you may simply not have the time
  • You require fast improvements to your property, getting ready for sale for example
  • Saves time for maintenance staff as well as caretakers of public buildings
  • You simply prefer to sit back or let the work be done while you’re away

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Why Choose GuardWash Services to Treat Your Property?

  1. Experienced. All our staff are fully qualified in the application of GuardWash products.
  2. Noiseless. Products are applied with minimal disruption, ideal for nursing homes, schools and other public buildings.
  3. Efficient. Professional staff work quickly to apply our fast acting products.
  4. Improvements. Our service provides instant results to the appearance of walls, roofs and patios.
  5. Longevity. The effects of the products we use last 2 – 5 years, maintaining the quality of properties for longer.
  6. High Reach. We can apply it to roofs and high points of buildings

Why choose GuardWash Products to treat your property?

  1. Complete destruction of Lichen, Mould, Seaweed and Fungus
  2. Removes stains from patio, walls and roofs
  3. Water and oil repellent
  4. Ideal for making colours bright again.
  5. Removes salt and cement stains from buildings.
  6. Ideal for protecting the surface of new and renovated properties.
  7. Destroys all parasitic vegetation
  8. Will not affect or modify materials or colours
  9. Protects against humidity and water.