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Tips and Tricks

How Boosting Kerb Appeal Increases Your Property Value

No one likes a dirty and untidy house We prefer our homes to look nice. Statistically, you’re more likely to be happy, rested and motivated if your house is clean and organised. But a clean house, both inside and out, doesn’t just make a difference to your everyday life and mood. If you’re selling your […]

How to Remove Efflorescence

If you’re a homeowner you’ll understand, no one likes flaky, grey-white marks that tarnish the surface of concrete, brick, stucco or natural stone walls and floors. It detracts from the kerb-appeal of your property and frankly, it doesn’t look attractive. But just what is efflorescence? As a leading provider of high performing stone cleaning products, […]

Quiet Cleaning in Operation

Top tips on how to clean property tiles, masonry and paving as quiet as a mouse!

New Guardwash comes to the UK

UK finally gets a major new UK distribution outlet for this amazing new range of outdoor cleaning products…