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Fast acting cleaner which removes all types of soiling invading render, Walls, Floors and roofs
  • High penetrating power
  • Fast acting, no need to rinse
  • Does not alter material surface
  • Solvent Free, Acid Free
  • Ready to use
  • Exterior

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GuardWash, Wall Cleaner
Guard Wash® is a high-performance cleaner which completely removes soiling invading the building materials (greasy stains, contamination related moisture, pollution, leaf traces, etc..).

Guard Wash® is fast-acting and efficient, it can be left on the surface without rinsing. However, rinsing is possible 24 h after application to remove residues remaining on the surface.

Guard Wash® is potash-free, hydrochloric and phosphoric acid free.

Guard Wash® does not damage the treated material surface and does not alter its colour. It has been developed to replace corrosive or acidic cleaning products, which are hazardous for materials. For lasting results, we recommend the use of the appropriate sealer from the Guard Industrie range.

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Quick efficiency in one coat and very quick in 2 or 3 coats wet on wet.
  • High penetrating power.
  • Easy to use.
  • Soda and potash-free.
  • Organic solvent-free.
  • Hydrochloric and phosphoric acid-free.

Coverage & Use


Soiling + : 6 m² / litre
Soiling ++ : 4 m² / litre
Soiling +++ : 3 m² / litre

Average figures given for reference only.


Guard Wash® is recommended for the exterior treatment of walls, roofs, balconies, fountains, ponds, monuments, fences, decks, garden stones and paving, boat hulls, awnings, tennis courts… It can be applied to all porous building materials such as concrete, natural and artificial stone, terracotta. It is ideal for renders.

Chemical Nature

Water-based surfactants, essential oil and alkaline wetting agents.