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GuardAnti-M 24

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Complete destruction of Lichen, Mould, Seaweed and Fungus


  • Preventive and Curative
  • Long lasting effect
  • Does not affect materials
  • Nonylphenol-free, Chlorine-free, Solvent-free
  • Exterior use

AntiM-24, Lichen Removal

Guard® Anti-M 24 is a preventive and curative treatment with a long-lasting action.

Curative: Guard® Anti-M 24 destroys all parasitic vegetation, which is then washed away by the rain or simply brushed off.

Preventive: The active ingredients of Guard® Anti-M 24 are fixed into the substrate. They limit the proliferation of mould and make it more difficult for parasitic plants to germinate.

Guard® Anti-M 24 does not contain chlorine or organic solvents. It replaces the common acid and alkaline cleaners, which are always harmful to substrates, and is harmless to treated surfaces (does not change colour).

Guard® Anti-M 24 has residual effects that last for 1 to 3 years after application (depending on the type of material and exposure).

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Strong penetrating power.
  • Residual effects.
  • Colourless, does not modify the appearance of the substrate.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Aqueous phase product.
  • Chlorine-free, nonylphenol-free and acid-free.
  • Easy to use.

Coverage and Use


5 to 6 m²/ litre

Average figures given for reference only.


Guard® Anti-M 24 is applied outdoors to all types of material, including terra cotta, slate, concrete, natural stone, asphalt, surfacing, wood, composite or synthetic materials, glass, fabrics, etc.

Guard® Anti-M 24 is totally universal. It can therefore be used to treat roofs, walls, balconies, fountains, monuments, fences, railings, decking, flagstones, boat hulls, awnings, tennis courts, etc.

Chemical Nature

Mixture of quaternary ammoniums.